Ireland Golf Tour 2015

Ireland Golf Tour 2015

If only the Solheim Cup ladies had hunkered down together in a dark tavern before this weekend’s tournament in Germany with a bottle or two of classic Riesling and watched the video below.

They well may have avoided the worst act of bad sportsmanship I’ve ever witnessed in 29 years of playing golf.

Now I’m not saying the behavior of sixteen fine women from Wimbledon on a golf trip to the west coast of Ireland was exemplary – but it was a damn side better than that blonde Norwegian villainess from Team Europe whose outrageous decision not to concede a putt sent the tears flying.

With mascara smudged patriotic face paint wilting gently down their cheeks, the Americans were duly outraged and who could blame them?

Meanwhile across the way in Ireland, a tempestuous wind blew across outrageously intimidating greens frequently resulting in three plus putts. Some conceded, some didn’t, but still no tears. Just lashings of laughter, way too much Pinot, local hospitality unleashed and the very best in links golf – at the mind-blowing Carne, Rosses Point and Enniscrone.

As the final day of the Solheim Cup descended into acrimony and recrimination, perhaps a timely reminder out of the mouth of the Emerald Isle’s finest:

“Jaysus, Mary and Joseph, for the love a God wodya ever get over yourself … ruining a perfectly fine round of golf over a 16 inch putt … stop being such a fecking eejit!”

VIDEO: with apologies to Johann Strauss/Patti Crone & thanks to Jill Fitz (needs sound)



  1. I agree with Josh. This trip sure does look fun. Now it makes me want to take my golf pals to Ireland for the weekend as well.

  2. Looks like you guys had an awesome time!! A golf trip to Ireland is on my list. And I agree about the pathetic display of sportsmanship by Suzanne. Sure, maybe Lee should have made sure it was good, but she shouldn’t have been put in that position to start with.


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