Home Sweet London

You’re flying back from your summer hols, that last leg of a tedious long-haul flight, bored, restless and generally yearning for solid ground beneath your feet. Suddenly the clouds part and you catch a first glimpse of Blighty. It’s only been two weeks, but how you’ve missed it …

You strain your eyes through the fingerprint-smeared window. Hello, is that London in the distance? Yes, I believe it is. A warm feeling of familiarly sweeps over you identify homely landmarks …Canary Wharf, the O2, Greenwich …

… the Gerkin, Tower Bridge, Bojo’s crib …

… Waterloo Bridge, London Eye, Centre Point …

… Her Maj’s Buckingham Palace …

… Hyde Park …

And it’s wheels down … welcome to Heathrow.

Yes, I’m home.

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