Growing up in Zimbabwe, all I ever wanted to be was a professional golfer. I longed to follow in the footsteps of my all time idol Seve Ballesteros.

Many youthful years were spent spinning balls round trees, splashing out of hazards and like the great man, practicing off my knees with a trusty old 4-iron. But life didn’t quite go according to plan. Instead I became Public Relations Manager for the News of the World.

You could say I did my fair share of spinning, faced somewhat challenging hazards and whichever way you look at it, both dream and career ended up on their knees.

On the plus side, I travelled the world, met some incredible people along the way and played a whole lot of golf.

There are fewer pleasures in life than that moment when the sun peaks over a mountaintop illuminating splendid size-5 footprints crisscrossing dewy, lush, hallowed green fairways. It’s not just for shepherds anymore.

Those first few nerve-racking holes when the anxiety of life’s realities are surpassed by the magic of er, Callaway Kryptonite, if you will.

Common interests are the foundation of a long lasting relationship, just ask Scotty Cameron. As if a putter needed some self-obsessed worshiper.

That fiery rush you get from a perfectly lobbed sand wedge like some cheeky non-conformist at an AA meeting. Murmurs of faint praise and yet it thunders in my ears.

Between duck hooks and three putts, golf serves us all a prime opportunity to just punch out for the day while working on life’s next challenge. Insurmountable pleasure meets lashings of pain with a pinch of naked self-serving pity … just as nature intended.

This blog aims to take an irreverent look back an extraordinary journey encompassing some of life’s great joys and some, shall we say, unexpected chapters.

I’m not sure where my story ends, but short of a graphic in HD choc full of pithy insight, I think you’ve just captured the start of it. I hope you’ll join me along the way.


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  2. Will be following your blog. I leant to play at Lusaka Golf Club and had lots of old buds in Zim.

    • Brilliant thank Carole, great to have you on board. I’m pretty sure we have a lot of Zim friends in common. Feel free to sign up to the Sign Up tab on the home page to get email notifications of new posts. Happy golfing. PS: Are you sign in Lusaka?

  3. Thanks for the ‘like’ on my blog. I’ve just taken a stroll around your blog and it looks like you’re in the middle of a career/life/about-face too… Good luck with the adventure!

      • Hi Hollis, thanks so much for your cheery comment. Am all for promoting our great game and in particular getting more women involved in playing golf. Am honoured to be “officially invited to HGN” – thank you.

  4. Sod the rain. I like your outlook. Life’s too short not to have fun. Look forward to following your blog. Sounds v interesting! I bet you got a lot to tell!!!

  5. Serious face is down to the lashing rain I’m afraid. You won’t be surprised to hear I’ve been doing a whole lot of golfing over the last six months thrown in with some globe trotting and discovering the joys of blogging. The clubs have now been hung up for the winter until the sun next reappears.

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