So the big question is … with so much choice out there, where does one even begin the process of purchasing a new set of irons? It struck me during a recent round of golf, my cherished Titleist irons are nearing 13 years old. And whilst they still produce rare moments of brilliance, the time has finally come, albeit reluctantly, to put them out to pasture and splash out on a shiny… Read More

Have you ever tried to make your way through Sydney Airport with a set of golf clubs? Determined stowaways crouching in the wheel well of a 747 have more chance of a cheery G’day from scratchy officials than law-abiding holidaymakers with grubby golf shoes. A torturous 23-hour 10509-mile journey is followed by an equally tedious wait in the Welcome to Australia queue.  Finally I’m met by a hat wearing badged-up Bruce who… Read More

It NOT even Christmas yet

It’s like a nasty shank that just won’t stop.  No matter how hard you try, you just can’t get away from it.  Yes Christmas is here and it’s everywhere. Grandma’s little cherubs have been marched onto our screens and into our lives sending musical shivers down Frosty the Snowman’s spine. Elsewhere the Little Drummer Boy keeps on banging and the weary warblings of a Fairytale in New York continues to drone on… Read More