Ryder Cup 2014

Europe and the US are ready for battle in golf’s Ryder Cup. Oh, and Ukip leader Nigel Farage has popped up in a pretty cool Paddy Power ad for the contest too. The world is a precarious place. Britain may be at war by the weekend. Scotland is more divided than ever before. The Queen is not amused with our prime minister. The leader of the opposition forgot the deficit. And now,… Read More

The spirit of Seve conjured up the 39th Ryder Cup. A fighter to the end, he once said: “Thinking doesn’t cost much so if you have a chance to think, think positive.” And that’s just what Captain Ole’s troops did producing pure theatre, glorious unpredictability and the greatest comeback in sporting history. For the Americans, Sunday’s defeat was unpalatable. The crowds were raucous, hostile and heavy on the European bashing. But by dusk… Read More

I’ve been watching some amusing interaction on Twitter tonight between the genteel @TweeterAllis and golf legend @GaryPlayer. That’s when it dawned on me, this is what Twitter should be about. Witty, pithy and erudite banter that informs and entertains, making you laugh and shudder in equal measures. Forget about those other self-important Tweeters with their flash titles and zillion followers. Instead, here’s my handpicked top ten list of self-deprecating, friendly and gritty Tweeters… Read More

Celtic Manor Wales

Elin Woods couldn’t tame the Tiger, but Celtic Manor Resort certainly did. Last year trouser-dropping Eldrick and the rest of golf’s big boys descended into the stunning Usk Valley in South Wales for the world’s greatest tournament – the Ryder Cup. Captain Monty and his hand-picked line up of superstars took on the mighty Americans in the biggest clash since Tiger’s wife sliced a 9-iron through his bank balance in the divorce… Read More