Think Globally, Act Locally

Today is International Woman’s Day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women everywhere. “Think globally, act locally” they said.  So I did and bought a plane ticket to Mauritius. To mark this joyous occasion, a few of my favourite Mauritian holiday sunset pix. Happy IWD.

10 Comments on “Think Globally, Act Locally

  1. Thanks for the likes on my moricienneries blog! You have a nice one too. I saw that you visited Mauritius recently. I hope you liked it.
    Keep checking back on my blog for more insider material about Mauritius, or you can also subscribe if you want 🙂

    • Thanks Craig … it really is as sensational in real life as those pix look. Taken a stroll around your blog, really interesting. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in your part of the world, either golfing at St Andrews or enjoying the highlife of Edinburgh – awesome city.

    • Thanks Mags, my most favourite place on earth and I can not wait!!! PS: After all your blogging support, you’ve been added to the top slot on my newly installed blogroll.

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