Britain Buzzing with Jubilee Fever

The whole country has gone positively Lady Gaga for our enigmatic monarch. Strolling home from the office with my camera, one could sense a palpable building of anticipation and excitement in the air. This weekend’s bumper Jubilee festivities are a showcase of events that reflect the public mood, a national fervour that fits all tastes and budgets, if you will.

The flag-waving jollity, bunting strewn skyline and streets ablaze with colour, chart Britons shared life and common purpose as the nation comes together to celebrate 60 years of Her Majesty’s glorious reign.

In Barlow Bay, just pitching-wedge distance from my house, a regatta of every type of boat afloat are moored up in what will be the biggest aquatic pageant the nation has seen for 350 years.

Over the next four days 10,000 street parties will be held, industrial quantities of Pimms consumed and almost inevitably, half a dozen new verses added to God Save The Queen as the UK enjoys its patriotism and nostalgic reverie.

And on a prime bit of real estate in London Docklands, I too shall be hitching my horse to the Jubilee wagon hosting a red, white and blue neighbourly knees-up celebrating Her Maj’s Diamond Jubilee and the official launch of my PR agency Jubilee Communication.

Thank you ma’am … and stay tuned.

And finally, here’s one I took earlier … my wonderful parents aboard Gloriana, the £1m Royal rowbarge that will the lead the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant from Wandsworth to Tower Bridge on 3 June 2012.



2 Comments on “Britain Buzzing with Jubilee Fever

  1. Hi,
    It certainly is going to be a big event, I will watch some of it on TV.
    Great photos, looks like everyone is getting into the spirit. 🙂

  2. Enjoy the pageantry, nothing like it here in New Zealand. I used to work in Fleet Street, 1961, in the Reuters building, good memories.

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