What a game, what a week!

Round 1 : Walton Heath Golf Club

One of the world’s most famous and prestigious heathland courses. The history of the club is exceptional. The weather was not! Our very British drought met monsoon conditions and record rainfall as I waded through heather waste deep in denial. My foursomes partner standing beside this green-side bunker spoke for us all when he said: “Time to end the hosepipe ban chaps. Please.”

Round 2 : Chislehurst Golf Club

It’s not often you get to enjoy a glass of chilled Pinot Grigio in the home of Napoleon III. One of those worthless yet surprisingly noble perks of the magnificent Chislehurst clubhouse built in 1717. But that’s exactly what I did after 18-holes of ridiculously intimidating blind drives, awkward sloping lies, tree-lined fairways and flawless greens enjoyed in a balmy 20°C. The Emperor would have approved.

Round 3 : Shooters Hill Golf Club

It was 4am when my sleep was shattered by the high-pitched screech of an alarm. My alarm! By 5.30am, by the lights of the Clubhouse, I teed off in the Dawn Chorus. The sun peaked over the horizon as blushing clouds glowed like a radioactive haze over Kent. Already the air was warm and dry. I had pictured a good day ahead and it didn’t disappoint. In the distance, Champagne on ice for a 9.30am breakfast. Cheers chaps!


7 Comments on “What a game, what a week!

  1. These pictures of different golf courses got me a little jealous. But now that I think of it, I still would not trade my good ol’ Arizona golf courses. 🙂

    • Well not to rub it in but you’ll be a tad more homesick knowing our long awaited summer has finally arrived. Golf and sunshine … bliss! Where in the UK were you based?

      • I lived in Berkshire, just up the road from Wentworth. Never played there, but there is still time yet. I know the weather is good there, just spoke to my brother in law on Skype.

  2. Hi,
    Wow, the home of Napoleon III, that would of been very interesting to see.
    Even though the weather was bad it sounds like you still had a great time, and I love the photos.

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