Blitzed in Biarritz: The Movie

Wryter Cup 2014

Dubbed the Blitz of Biarritz, it quickly plummeted into Blitzed in Biarritz, as two competing societies The Press Golfing Society (PGS) and the Association de la Presse et du Golf (APG) thrashed it out for the 24th Wryter Cup in France.

Hosted by Golf de Chantaco in the charming coastal town of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, a dozen miles south of Biarritz and close to the Spanish border, it is one of the most famous courses in the Basque country with exceptional views of the Pyrenees.

Home to the Lacoste family, this great golf club is steeped in history … as is the PGS, now in it’s 110th year. Yet despite those many years of experience, the Wryter Cup proved to be a resounding victory for the APG team with a final score of APG 18.5 – PGS 13.5.

WARNING: This film contains scenes which may cause (the PGS team) distress

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