The Maul in Porthcawl


It was dubbed the Maul in Porthcawl, but after a fierce first day battle, Whitewash in Wales had a certain ring to it too.

It took five long and painful years of defeats to the French, but the Wryter Cup is finally back on British soil and firmly in the arms of the Press Golfing Society.

Veterans, rookies, wild cards … champions … I salute you all.

Wryter Cup captainTo our French friends, malchance et nous allons vous voir l’année prochaine.

Royal Porthcawl you are a very special beast of a course and the best that links golf has to offer.

A huge thanks to Loudmouthgolf for our magnificent trews. I knew we had made our mark when an elderly Porthcawler  approached me in the car park and asked where he ‘might acquire a pair.’

You all played your part in this year’s stunning 20-12 victory – no defeat, no surrender!

And now, if you’ll allow some excessive triumphalism and a rapid decline into mayhem, here’s a little film of the Maul in Porthcawl.

Warning: contains gratuitous images of red, white and blue.

7 Comments on “The Maul in Porthcawl


  2. Talk about flying the flag, those trousers were the ultimate fashion accessory. Two big wins in one year. First the Northcliffe over two days at North Foreland and Royal Cinque Ports and then the French press……has there ever been such a vintage year for Fleet Street’s finest. Oscar winning performances both on and off the course captured on a fantastic film. Brilliant result by Captain Hayley and the team.

    • Thanks Garth, you’re spot on, what a cracking year for golf victories it has been and well done to the Northcliffe society. I hope your team were all suitably attired in Loudmouthgolf trews or similar … I think we may have started something! Hope to see you at the Skipper’s dins next month if you can make it.

  3. As it was PG Wodehouse’s birthday this week I thought that this quote needed an airing: “Into the face of the young man there had crept a look of furtive shame, the shifty, hangdog look which announces that an Englishman is about to talk French.”

    • Killa, as it was Oscar Wilde’s birthday yesterday, here’s his apt offering … “In France they limit the journalist and allow the artist almost perfect freedom. Here we allow absolute freedom to the journalist, and entirely limit the artist.”

  4. Cheers Chester! Three truly stonking days, just a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Loudmouthgolf trews were just the best and may have been ultimately responsible for our incredible victory! Credit must go to Brian Lee for devouring the Geslin, not me! We missed you this year. It’s going to be one hell of a battle to qualify for France in 2014. I’m off to practice my chipping…

  5. Stonking movie Hayles! Loved it. The choice of those trousers was pure genius. And I owed Monsieur Geslin a good spanking so thanks for delivering it on my behalf.

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