Ever Had A Hole-In-One?

My perfect fluke

I want to hear about the story of the greatest golf shot of your life.  

When, where and how did you pull off the perfect fluke? I’ve been lucky to have had two revered golfing moments. The 11th at St Andrews and a couple of years ago on the 134-yard 14th at  Muswell Hill Golf course, in North London (below). I’m holding out for a third golf miracle. Admittedly more in hope than expectation.

“The ball soared through the air clearing the Strath bunker like a Kentucky show horse and disappeared into the hole on the large elevated green.” My Old Course hole-in-one – 11 February 2000.

Now let’s hear all about yours …


9 Comments on “Ever Had A Hole-In-One?

  1. Hit the pin a couple of times, but it has never dropped in, but it is great that every time you step up to a par three tee, you know it is possible. If it does happen you will be the first to know

  2. I have had five. No really, I have! Two in Estoril when I was on holiday there as a boy, at a hole that sadly no longer exists because of a new road scheme, and three at my former club, Lewes GC in East Sussex.

    By far the most enjoyable was on the sixth hole at Lewes when I was playing with a friend. Wednesday is Ladies day at the club and we teed off half an hour or so after the last pairs had set off. A crisp six iron uphill and a feeling of ‘Ooh that might be close’ and then a rather breathless scramble until my pal shouted something incoherent at me. He was gesticulating at the flag and grinning inanely. As I peered over the brow my ball, a Callaway orange number one, was resting against the flagstick and the rim of the hole. I straightened the flag and down it went.

    And the reason it was the most enjoyable out of the five? When I got back to the clubhouse the ladies were in so my hole in won celebratory round of drinks amounted to eight pots of tea and two halves of lime and lemonade which only cost me about £15. Result! My six iron hole in one at the par three fourth on a Saturday the following year cost me a packet!

    • And we have a winner! Well done Killa. Gives a whole new meaning to Amazeballs! Seriously considering docking you a point for the words ‘a Callaway orange number 1’ but given your gargantuan sized achievement … you get top billing. I’d like to see a few more in this years Wryter Cup please.

  3. We were not able to do our annual buddy trip in ’09 because of injuries and family commitments. I decided to go on a trip by myself to some of the better courses in the US state of Iowa. On my 2nd round of the day on 8/11/09 I played Saddleback Ridge Solon, IA. The course was full with foursomes so I played by myself. By the 6th hole we were waiting on every shot and the guys behind me were yelling at me to hurry up. The guys in front of me just got of the green and I was in no hurry to hit because I would just have to wait when I got to the tee-box. I was playing faster than any of the foresomes so I wasn’t sure what there problem was.

    When I got to the 8th hole I figured out I left my wedge on the 6th green. I knew the guys behind me would be behind the 8th green when I got up there because the 7th hole is a dogleg left around the 8th green. I was worried about asking the guys behind me for my wedge since they just got done yelling at me. I saw the hole was a par 3 148 yard hole so I pulled out my 7 iron. I did not take any time getting ready to hit because I was in a hurry to get to the green to ask the guys for my wedge. I hit the ball solid but as I watched it I noticed the hole was uphill and thought I should have hit a six. I could not see the hole but was suprised the ball got to the middle of the green right at the whole.

    I got to the green and was suprised I did not see the ball. I hurried across the green to talk to the group behind me. I got my wedge and then started looking for my ball over the green. I could not find it, I did know where else to look so I went to the hole and there it was.

    So my hole in one was with no pre-shot routine, had no witnesses and I did not see it go in the hole. Does it still count?

    • Hey Bruce, top notch effort. Of course it still counts. I’m all in favour of no pre-shot routines, adds to my loathing of slow play. So on that basis you get a bonus ball for your troubles too.

  4. Summer 1999. Stockley Park, (now Stockley Pines) 8th hole. 138 yards. 8 iron. I’d only been playing golf for 18 months, and the previous 7 holes had contained several triple bogeys. I was playing with two complete strangers I’d met on the 1st tee – a husband and wife. It was a decent hit….pitched on front of green and rolled in. I watched it all the way. Because I knew none of my mates would believe me, I got the couple to put their names and phone number on my scorecard as proof! They were only planning to play nine holes – it was around 6 or 7pm – so I went into the clubhouse after the front nine too. There were only 3 people in the bar, and though I offered to buy them a drink, they were about to leave and declined. I bought myself a drink and rang a friend who’d been playing golf for years and had never had a hole in one. He wasn’t very complimentary…..

    • Well done Woodsie, a valiant effort. If it’s any consolation re. your lonesome hole-in-one celebration … I too held a party for one. More specifically, a Fanta in the golf club car park having been thrown out of the St. Andrews clubhouse bar … for er being a woman! Perhaps we can reenact our victories during one of our more lively PGS fixtures this year. Better bring your cheque-book!

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