Wryter Cup Paris Match

PGS Wryter Cup

Seve wasn’t the only golfer to blast his way round uncharted territory in search of a historic win.

What began as a bold experiment in 1991 to foster good relations between the French and British media has developed into the backbone of two societies. The annual epic golf battle of the Wryter Cup is the journalist’s equivalent of the Ryder Cup between the Press Golfing Society (PGS) and Association de la Presse et du Golf (APG).

Both teams fly the flag of comradeship with a roistering joie de vivre that has prevailed on both sides of the Channel. Alternate years battling it out in English style damp underfoot weather and the temperate smorgasbord of French climates. Qualification for the Wryter Cup is a grueling do-or-die selection process racking up order of merit points for the top 16 players in each squad.

Fierce rivalry may have turned the Wryter Cup into a major golf fixture, but the deep-rooted friendships woven between the two societies are particularly evident on the 19th hole, where friendships are born and champagne-swilling memories made. The late PGS president Lord W.F. Deedes, once memorably noted: “The good shots one occasionally makes at golf do not linger long in the memory; but the good friends do – for a long time and sometimes for life.”

Franco-British entente cordiale is set to go head to head once again for the XXII Wryter Cup at Le Golf National in Paris on 15 and 16 October 2012. The record book currently stands at 11-10 to the PGS, but watch the rescue woods fly as we attempt to wrestle the silverware back from our French challengers. Follow @PressGolfSoc on Twitter for live #WryterCup action updates.

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PGS Wryter Cup Champions – 2005

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