Paradise for Lady Golfers

Most lady golfers will relate. You walk into a pro shop in search of golfing happiness and end up sleepwalking your way through the never-ending isles, rows and shelves of shoes, clothes and clubs … for men.

Finally, weary from the journey, you reach the ladies section, a cubbyhole if you will. Stocked to the rafters with two pairs of nasty daisy-embroidered shoes, a handful of lycra hugging size zero tops, a ghastly rainbow pastel peak and that is it. The proverbial Emperor had a more stimulating wardrobe.

Well the battle is over, especially if you live in the south east of England. Tucked away in the heart of the Kent countryside is West Malling Golf Club and home to Duncan Lambert’s golf shop.

Two thousand square feet of golfing heaven. One of the best-stocked pro shops I’ve discovered carrying all the major brands and with a excellent reputation for custom club fittings. I should know having spent ninety fascinating minutes getting measured up to within an inch of my life during the recent purchase of my new Callaway Razr X irons.

Stocked by the Lady Golf Store, this little shop of delights has an impressive selection of irons, drivers, fairway woods, rescue clubs and putters all available to try before you buy. Their extensive clothing in funky colours and designs from Lyle & Scott, Green Lamb, Glenmuir, Galvin Green and Nike range from 8 to 18 in size ensuring style and importantly, comfort.

A final word of praise for the vast choice of ladies golf shoes. As someone who spends a ridiculous amount of time crisscrossing the hallowed green fairways, I’m well versed in the painful consequences of ill-fitting impulsive purchases. Trust me, Duncan Lambert’s ladies golf shoes are guaranteed to have even that lover of fine footwear Imelda Marcos grasping for her Mastercard. And not an embroidered daisy in sight.

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5 Comments on “Paradise for Lady Golfers

  1. A great post, lots of women are now playing golf so it is wonderful to see equipment aimed at women readily available.

  2. Hey Hayley… I completely agree. Not that I get out on the course much these days, but buying decent golf gear in the UK is a challenge. Auchterlonies in St Andrews has a few nice things, but finding decent kit at a decent price elsewhere is tough. Golfino, Ralph Lauren, Tommy hilfiger certainly used to be stocked in Harrods sportswear, not sure if they are anymore, but they’re ‘designer’ prices, and most people want stylish performance wear
    . Head to Spain or the US and you’re inundated with it. The Ryder Cup merchandise store this year was UNBELIEVABLE: a VAST tent (about a par 3 in length, I’d say), with about 1/3 solely dedicated to womens’ kit – a huge range of brands: Adidas, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Cutter & Buck, and loads of American brands. Not all pink and twee (though some was, it was in the minority): bought some lovely tops and jackets – navy, red, etc.

    • Thanks KK, am still kicking myself for not arranging a convenient Chicago jolly last week to coincide with Ryder Cup. It sounds amazing. Still, either I wait for 2014 or plan a trip to Portugal with my credit card. 🙂

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