One Year Ago Today

Enough has been written about the demise of the News of the World to fill several volumes of War and Peace many times over.

It is one year ago today a brilliant News of the World team put our beloved newspaper to bed for one last historic time after 168 years, 8674 editions, bidding a final goodbye to 7.5 million loyal readers.

The footage below gives an insight into those final moments of that dark and momentous day which terminated News of the World careers, as the doors of the newspaper were slammed shut forever.

I won’t deny I’ve had better years in my life. There are moments I question is it the News of the World I am grieving for or my own loss I am mourning. You end up with nothing until hope comes along. And it does, eventually.

As I experienced, it has been an almighty struggle for some former colleagues while others are thriving. Few have become top columnists, one editing a prominent newspaper and others reporting for rival papers. A colleague has turned to astronomy while another is selling fire extinguishers.

Only last month, a friend and colleague was turned down for voluntary work giving free advice to the elderly. The stigma attached to our lives, our past and our CVs cannot be overlooked. But where there was once despair, there is hope. Where there was once shame, there is freedom.

In January, I founded my own PR agency Jubilee Communication. The colleague who was turned away, now works in the PR industry. Jubilee Communication has doubled its workforce.

I believe the measure of our success is how we deal with our disappointment. And it is perhaps a mark of the extraordinary men and women that I was so privileged to work with for over a decade, and whose lives have changed irrevocably, that they continue to prosper through strength and resolve.

And for that I thank Rupert Murdoch for his moment of ‘panic’.

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    • No argument there. Think my point was that had Rupert not shut down the News of the World, I would likely still be taking the Murdoch shilling and several notches further down the slippery slope. But he did, so I didn’t and instead, like many of my colleagues, have discovered there is life beyond the Wapping walls.

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