Golf Trick Shot Champ Wows Decathlon Crowds

World Trick Shot Golf Champ

They promised a fun day out for the whole family and Decathlon didn’t disappoint.

Hosted by Geoff Swain, the amazing World Trick Shot Champ wowed audiences with a variety of mind-blowing golf stunts in the new look showroom.

Decathlon’s Surrey Quays superstore was transformed into a golfing mecca this week with huge discounts on a wide range of equipment and clothing plus competitions and prizes galore for all ages.

Just watch the video below and tell me the little chap at the end isn’t the next Rory McIlroy?

To celebrate Decathlon’s golf launch, there’s still time for one lucky reader to win a brand new set of Callaway Diablo Edge irons, plus an Inesis “Doggy Bag” and two-dozen TaylorMade XD golf balls for a runner-up. Just click here to enter: GolfMagic

8 Comments on “Golf Trick Shot Champ Wows Decathlon Crowds

  1. did u know that a lady named Jeanne Carmen, who was a trick-shot golfer, was Marilyn Monroe’s lover? you can look it up. thanks for the “like” – continue…

  2. Went down there on Saturday and saw Geoff in action. Incredible stuff! Thought the simulator was fantastic and, as I’m in need of a new set of clubs, it looks the perfect place to get them. Never had my swing analysed before so clearly that is the reason I struggle to break 90! Always knew it was the fault of the clubs. Enjoyed the vid but that blonde lady should work on her swing!
    Great to see the kids getting the golf bug early too so well played Decathlon.

    • Great, they are a really awesome set of irons so good luck & fingers crossed. PS: It’s Hayley, not Lesley (but have happy to go with Lesley for now … always liked that name) 🙂

  3. Hi,
    What a great video. I had to have a laugh at the 3 ladies that were talking with each other in what looked like a serious conversation, and then they realized the camera was on them and the 3 biggest smiles emerged, that was priceless.
    The kids looked like they were all having fun, and I enjoyed the music as well. 😀

    • Thanks Mags, it was a fantastic day and Geoff was just priceless. I’ve been practising a few of his trick shots in my garden but alas to no avail! 😦

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