A Lovely Day For It

Those who follow this blog will be well versed with my regular rants on the perils of winter golf. But also aware that topping my 2012 new years resolution scroll involves less whinging and more embracing the chilly elements. So you can imagine my disappointment, especially after a week of gearing myself up for the sub zero elements to be faced with a Course Closed sign. Not to be defeated, the only remaining dilemma is how I spend my Saturday.  Water the grass, venture out on a bike ride, spot of gardening or invite a few chums round for a BBQ?  Who says this embracing business isn’t working?

9 Comments on “A Lovely Day For It

  1. Those pictures reminded me of why I now live in New Zealand, in an area where cold and snow are rare. Thanks for that, by the way its lovely down here this summer.

    • Thanks for those er, comforting words … It eludes me, but I know there must be a damn good reason why I left the sunny climes of Africa for a winter of sub zero temperatures in the northern hemisphere! With my central heating on full blast, am just a tad jealous of life in Kiwi Land.

  2. Hi,
    Wow, look at all the snow.
    How dare they close the course after you were all ready to face the elements. 😀
    Great photos.

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